Welcome to the Institute of Credit Management Online Services
Welcome to ICM Online Services. icmOS gives you access to a set of easy to use online tools to support your day to day activity, learn by applying proven techniques and also furthering your professional progress towards qualifications.
Support your day to day activity with factsheets, roleplays and benchmarking tools.
Assess your training needs and then fill any gaps with the online tools. Test and retest yourself with quizzes and interactive roleplays.
Use the Online Sample Questionnaires to support your progress towards the ICM Professional Qualifications. Use the ABI module to become accredited.
icmOS Full System
This is the full system that breaks down the system into eight areas of Credit Management. This includes Personal Assessments, Roleplays, Factsheets and Quizzes...
  Prices from £365 per annum

The SME Collection Toolkit includes a set of template collection letters as well as a series of interactive tools covering the major areas of Credit Risk Assessment and Collection Techniques. Tools include calculators, quizzes, personal assessments, factsheets and dynamic roleplays to give you valuable information and bring these topics to life.
  Prices from £54 per annum or £6 per month
Break it down
Why not choose individual items from the list below...
Access a dozen benchmarking tools including DSO, Profit Erosion & ROI calculators plus supporting factsheets.
Assess the Eight Areas of Credit Management highlighting areas of training need. Set targets for improvement and plot progress.
Access over 100 factsheets arranged into the Eight Areas of Credit Management.
There is a quiz available for each of the Eight Areas of Credit Management.
Over a dozen interactive roleplays bringing everyday situations to life.
Assess credit skills to establish wether or not the candidate is right for your role.
  Prices from £47 per annum
Online Sample Questions
ICM sample online tests help credit controllers and managers prepare for ICM online exams.

60 sample multiple choice questions cover each section of the syllabus.
Questions allow multiple attempts.
A score at the end of each section records the number of correct responses on the first attempt.

Tests available...

Credit Management
Business Environment
Trade Credit Management
Business Law
Consumer Credit Management
Export Credit Management
  Each test costs £25
ABI / ICM Trade Credit Award

A working party established by the Trade Credit Committee of the Association of British Insurers has prepared six topics which are at the heart of the skills that we all need, as brokers or underwriters, in order to compete in the current economic climate and in the future.
There are tests at the end of each topic which are intended both to test that you have read the material and to reinforce the text. You have 45 minutes to complete each test and the pass mark is 80% for each.

Each test is recorded and if all are passed then a Certificate is sent to you via the Institute of Credit Management. Even if a test is not completed successfully you will be allowed to continue with the Course. If all tests except one are passed, you will be given a second try at the one which was not passed, so that you can improve your mark.

If the tests are not completed (or if all tests are not passed) within six months of first entry to the site you will be locked out of the site and will not be able to reapply for two months afterwards and a further fee will be payable.
  The price to enrol is £50
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icmOS Full System
Click for an interactive demonstration of the full icmOS system. Includes roleplays, quizzes, factheets and personal assessments.
Sample Questionnaires
ICM sample online tests help credit controllers and managers prepare for ICM online exams. Click to have a go at a sample quiz.
ABI / ICM Trade Credit
Six topics which are at the heart of the skills needed as brokers or underwriters, prepared by the Association of British Insurers.
Click on any of the modules below to get an overview of the contents of each.
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